Medical Forms

Please fill out and print the applicable forms below and hand them to a staff member on the first day your child attends camp.

Daily and Emergency Meds
If you will be leaving us with emergency meds (Epi Pen) or need us to dispense medicine to your camper during camp hours, please provide direction to us via Simply register and follow the steps to provide us with specific information for your camper.  In step 2, select "Free Text" in the dropdown under the time column to provide dosing instructions if the medication is to be used for emergencies only. Please print the form, place it in a ziplock bag with the medication, and give it to a staff member on your child's first day of camp.

Food Allergy Information and Emergency Plan
Parents of kids with food allergies: Please print, fill out, and return this form to camp.
Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan




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