Our Camp Community

In the City Camp provides a culturally Jewish experience for Jewish campers and staff of all backgrounds so EVERYONE feels welcome at camp.

Some of our campers have never done anything Jewish before. Others celebrate the holidays, go to Jewish day school, or attend Sunday school. Some have one Jewish parent and one non-Jewish parent. Some have 2 mommies or 2 daddies. We welcome ALL of them.

During the summer of 2016 we were one of 8 camps nationwide to receive the Foundation for Jewish Camp's "I belong to Jewish Camp" grant to fund our ongoing efforts to make In the City Camp the most inclusive, welcoming, diverse community it can be.

Specifically, we will use the grant money to engage interfaith families, Russian and Israeli families, LGBTQ families, and Jews of color. Read more about the grant here.

Our Jewishly diverse camper and staff makeup is one of the things that makes In the City Camp so special. Here is some information about the 440 campers who joined during the summer of 2016.

  • 65% of our campers attend public or non-Jewish private schools
  • 28% of our campers do not belong to a synagogue
  • 50% of our campers are male; 50% are female
  • 27% of our campers attend camp with a sibling

Everyone is welcome at In the City Camp. 

Siblings at camp!

Campers and staff

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Tween campers and staff

Tween campers and staff

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