Why Choose In The City Camp?

It’s a question we are asked often.  With so many Jewish camp options in the Atlanta area to choose from, why should you send your child to In the City Camp?   We can of course go on and on about why In the City Camp is so fantastic, but to keep it simple, it really comes down to four key things:


Our Convenient Locations and State-of-the-Art Facilities

Atlanta Jewish AcademySchlepping your kid across town for Jewish day camp is likely not how you want to spend your summer. But as a parent who understands the importance of a Jewish summer camp experience, you’d do it if you had to.

Great news – you don’t have to spend your summer fighting Atlanta traffic!  In the City Camp's convenient locations and bus service make choosing it as your child's summer home easy.

Our camp facilities offer more opportunities for camp fun than you could ever imagine.  Your camper will feel refreshed and safe when she swims in our nearby pool - complete with trained lifeguards.  He’ll understand the importance of teamwork while playing basketball on safe indoor and outdoor courts. And nothing matches the sense of accomplishment campers feel when they perform the dance they learned on stage.


Our Super Fun Activity Schedule

In the City Camp truly has something for everyone.  And our strong belief in camper choice means your child will be able to spend her day doing the things she loves most.  Campers who love sports can spend their day playing basketball, hockey, volleyball, baseball, and soccer.  They can change it up the very next day and try yoga, dance, or gaga.  Kids who want a more relaxed period may choose arts & crafts, cooking, nature, or magic!

All of our full-day campers enjoy an one off-site field trip each week. We may go for a hike up Stone Mountain, tube down the Chattahoochee River, or roller skate at Sparkles!  Our tween campers will travel to an an overnight destination and a participate in a community service project each week. Depending on the week they attend, tweens might overcome their fear of heights while tree climbing or visit an area Jewish overnight camp.

All of our activities are led by experienced specialists who use the activities to expose your child to the world around them, build leadership skills, facilitate new friendships, and teach them about their rich Jewish heritage.


Our Commitment to Fostering a Connection with Judaism and Israel

There’s no shortage of research documenting the positive impact Jewish camp has on our future community leaders.  We’ve known for many years that camp attendance builds Jewish identity and Jewish community in a way few experiences can match.

At In the City Camp, your child will connect with other Jewish kids and build friendships that will last a lifetime.  She will begin each day singing Hebrew songs with confident, energetic, Jewish counselors who embody the traits you want to see in your child.  He will learn about his connection to the State of Israel in a positive, informal manner.

We'll make tzedakah boxes at arts & crafts, bring home challah to bake every Friday, perform mitzvot through volunteer projects, and even learn a few Hebrew words.  We may go on a virtual tour of Israel, learn about soldiers serving in the army, and enjoy some of Israel’s most delicious foods.

In the City Camp provides a culturally Jewish experience for Jewish campers of all backgrounds.  Some of our campers have never done anything Jewish before.  Others celebrate the holidays, go to Jewish day school, or attend Sunday school.  Some have one Jewish parent and one non-Jewish parent. Our Jewishly diverse camper and staff makeup is one of the things that makes In the City Camp so special.


Our Incredible Jewish and Israeli staff

If you went to camp growing up, you no doubt remember how much you looked up to your counselors.  At In the City Camp, we take our staff selection very seriously. Each staff member completes an application including reference checks, meets for an in-person interview, and undergoes a background check before being hired.  Staff attend pre-camp training sessions, complete online training from the American Camping Association, and receive close supervision and feedback all summer long.

Because we understand the importance of a positive Jewish role model, all of our camp counselors are Jewish.  We want to ensure that each camper connects with Judaism and Israel while they experience all the traditional camp activities like swimming, sports, arts & crafts, and singing.

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